Lilac Loop Update: Save Loop to File

The latest release of the Lilac Loop plugin adds the ability to save the loop memory to a WAV or AIFF file. A polyphonic recording can be saved as a multi-track file, but by default polyphony will be summed to mono or stereo when saved.

The latest development build is linked below for anyone interested in testing the update before it’s published to the library. Any feedback is appreciated!

Update: v1.0.3


Hi! Very nice idea. BTW did you consider to add consolidating for that multitrack stereo file for separate stereo files in the future updates? Also watched on your LilacLooper2 development on github still waiting it for the test, svg looks promising :wink: Cheers!

separate stereo files

Yes, this would be a nice option and I hope to add it to the file settings menu in a future update.

LilacLooper2 development on github

After this release (v1.0.3) is done, I’ll include the “Looper Two” preview in future development builds so that you can try the new features. It works, but won’t be ready for the library until I can think of a good panel layout.