Lights in V1 ,Assertion failed

Hi, I had until 3 weeks ago no coding knowledge at all, I’ve used Geco to make this, this is a 12 step sequencer, I want to have led light on each step.

geco made for earlier version of rack and I needed to modify the code - after modification,successfully build, rack crash when opening the module and I get this

Assertion failed: (module->lights.size() >= firstLightId + baseColors.size()), function step, file src/app/ModuleLightWidget.cpp, line 12.
make: *** [run] Abort trap: 6

what other update came in v1 that i didnt change? thanks!

code was deleted

You don’t tell config() how many lights you have. This line:


implies that you have no lights. It should look like this:


(I can’t promise that will make everything work, but I’m pretty sure it’s the cause of the assertion.)

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Richie! thank you!

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Here it is, my first not finished modules collection. Finally with LEDs :wink: