Hello all,

I am trying to use libsamplerate instead of the speex resampler. I include samplerate.h but I get a compiler error saying it cant find the function src_process.

Do I need to compile Rack from source? I know nothing about linking stuff in c++.

Linking to libsamplerate might be broken in v1 (I haven’t verified but may have experienced this myself), so you’ll have to statically link it yourself until v2.

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I think I will keep using speex for now.


@Vortico, did you already fix this problem?
I think libramplerate is compiled as C instead of C++ and thus export "C" is not used for exporting the symbols. I was able to fix the linking problem in the Makefile in LDFLAGS with this:

-Wl,--whole-archive dep/lib/libsamplerate.a -Wl,--no-whole-archive

Can you post a reproducible example? I don’t have time to look into this.

Will do.

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