Library not working?

Is the Plugin library not working for other folks? It looks like the Shopify cert is not valid for the URL from which the Shopify script is being fetched. Both Chrome and Firefox are presenting the issue now.

Working okay for me (opera). Could try logging out and back in? Both the website and in Rack.

Looks OK from here:

Check the time/date of your computer?

Chrome seems to have gotten over it, but Firefox still doesn’t like the cert.

Looks like a different cert all together?

Works fine on my end, and

So you checked that the time/date on your computer is correct?

The time and date are correct. The error is not that the cert is expired or not yet valid, it’s that Firefox believes the cert isn’t valid for the domain from which the script is loaded, which I’m seeing as

Firefox uses its own certificate store as far as I know. You are using a developer version, did you try it with a recent supported release version?

Today 23 nov 2019 I get the same “error” as michael , loading takes forever and it only shows 21Khz to Amalgemated.

Yes I’m also on Firefox (windows)

EDIT : Spoke too soon, It now suddenly works again.:+1:

I use NoScript and i always have to approve 3 things to get it to work. if i only do 2 then i only get the first few entries.