Library not updating

Hi, I am pretty new to VCV but I have downloaded most from the library to my old MacPro. Fine and dandy. However I have also (successfully) downloaded VCVrack on my Macbook pro. However when I go to the library and mark all the 3d party plugs that I want, rack refuses to see them and will not update the library. It does see (and install) the VCV spectre that I bought but nothing else. I have restarted Rack several times, logged in and out from my account but nothing helps. Any explanation on this behaviour anyone?



A few of thingsā€¦

  • What Rack version is installed on the MacPro / MacbookPro
  • What does the log.txt say
  • What plugins are in the plugin-v1 folder

I devided to simply copy the whole plugin folder from the MacPro. That worked :slight_smile: Thanks for answering!