LFO-controlled sampler in Rack?

I’m having a hard time finding the module for a pretty common synthesis function: I’d like to load sample and play it back using an LFO, e.g. inputting a 60-hz sawtooth would play the sample from beginning to end once per second, a 60-hz triangle would play the sample once forward and once backward in the same time, et cetera. It seems like this function would by in one of the NYSTHI sampler modules but I can’t find it. Does anyone know how to make Rack do this?

thank you

A small note: “once per second” = 1 Hz, not 60 Hz. I only point this out because otherwise -even with the right module/function- you may get unexpected behaviours.

Sorry, I’m so flummoxed trying to get samples to play that I confused Hz with BPM

I’m not sure its exactly what you want, but there are a bunch of granular synthesis modules that can do something close to what you are describing - e.g. the Voxglitch Grain Fx is an add-on that provides LFO position controls for the sample.

What I’m imagining would be analogous to using a voltage to control the position of a play head along a piece of tape - a slower upward slope produces slower playback, a downward slope produces reverse playback.

What NYSTHI’s Sussudio does is very much like this, but I’d like to scan through a file using a waveform other its built-in constant ramp from [begin point] to [end point].

There are a couple of samplers that have a position cv control that may work (like Bidoo and cf).

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Looks like OUAIve does this pretty well! thank you!!!

simpliciter complex simpler confusing simpler quad simpler sussudio musical box musical box2

patch the LFOMultiphase in the START trig

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I think they want the LFO to control the position of the play head rather than just triggering it to start. I’m using Simpliciter right now though, and I’m not sure which input sets the absolute position of the play head? Maybe if you use both slice inputs at once?


nope the request is for a trig for the start

anyway in simpliciter (confusing simpler,complex sim pler) there is CV for the current start… (no need for slicing)

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Seems they’re asking for a phase driven sampler in the same way ZZC Phaseque is a phase driven sequencer, which would be handy.

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here the example with simpliciter


you have already phase animation in my samplers if you animate the speed (till x10 or -x10 )

Try this :

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I would have liked a little more reverb, but that was nice :slight_smile:

Jokes aside, it’s a really cool technique :smile: i’ll try to have fun with it soon !

see LFO-controlled sampler in Rack?

I’m still following all the leads in this thread (thank you everyone!) but I’ve used OUAIve’s Gate Mode to build the patch in my first-ever Rack video, which is here:

This particular implementation is certainly something Sussudio or another sample player could have done, but a lot more possibilities are open…


A module based on a pd ~array is also a great solution, thank you!

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