Let's make more modules than can interchange data!

We have been telling people about our new data format that lets users copy note data between sequencers – currently Entrian, Impromptu Modular and Squinky Labs. We hope more sequencer will adopt is, as it’s super easy, and seems to be a useful thing.

We will be the first to admit that copying and pasting note data is a non-obvious thing to do with many sequencers, but we are hoping there are plenty of cool things people can do with this.

Personally, I’m hoping to see some “non sequencers” use this interchange standard, too. For example, it could be cool to copy a chord from Seq++ and paste it into a quantizer to set the scale (it’s very easy to create and audition scales in Seq++).

Of how about random-ish note generators? Maybe you could paste some pitches into them to seed them? Copy notes from them to take a snapshot of the generated music?

If any devs are interested in trying this, the spec is here: https://github.com/squinkylabs/SquinkyVCV/blob/master/docs/clipboard-format.md

If any module users would like to see note data interchange in your favorite modules, please go and suggest that to developers.


Echo that, quite a a neat feature! We could even have a list of supported modules/plugins at the end of the spec, so users can see who supports it.


Oh, good idea!

Yes it would be very useful, for instance copying filter params between modules, VCO frequency, EQ settings without having to go into the param context to copy. The only thing, there would have to be the same standardisation’s made, note data is pretty much consistent between editors but param data is not. A param could have values of [-1, 1] and in the code have much greater range than that of a param which is [-2, 2]. If there was that standardisation for params anyway without interop it would make Rack way more user friendly, for example developers not naming and giving string data to a frequency param is something I had hoped I would see a lot less of. Possibly this could be used to pick up the correct value id or matching id between modules.

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yes, general CV is almost impossible. but there may be subsets that have some common “meaning”.

Yeah for sure: frequency, envelope time, delay time, reverb depth | wet | size, any param with a % value, dB, many more…