Let's build a plugin/module developers team!

Hey all! I had this idea in mind this morning. Why don’t we join forces to develop amazing plugins? We can split tasks so everyone can concentrate on a single task. I think this could help the entire VCV Rack community grow better and faster.

As an example we could split task like this:

  • Module Design (Concept);
  • Graphics Design (Inkscape);
  • UI developer (inside VCV rack);
  • Algorithm Design;
  • Programming;
  • Debugging;
  • Releasing;

Is this a feasable idea?

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i think there is room for team work, especially as the vcv rack ecosystem keeps growing. so far we’ve only (as far as i’m aware) seen single developers or pairs of a programmer and a designer. just don’t call it the vcv development team.

make it a separate project, with a unique name. make it clear from the start under what license the plugin(s) will be released, and how donated money will be handled. who leads, who takes care of bug reports, etc.


Totally agree…In fact I don’t have the requisites and knowledge to lead a project like this. I floated the idea hoping someone more experienced than me can pick it up. You’re surely more expert than me btw :smiley: