Less CPU hungry VCV Rack alternatives?

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Sunvox is pretty good ! I have it on my small linux computer. Even with crazy patches i never managed to go past my crappy cpu’s limit. There is a lot of fun to be had in that program, and many users have created synths, modules and effetcs that are now included in the official release.
I guess until we get the polyphonic cables it’s a good alternative if you want to craft your own polysynths :wink:

Phoenix 1997 on macos9



You had something to do with Phoenix, right? Were you the author?

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yes, it was one of my projects <3

notice in the middle the TABLE VCO (that contains a formula parser like the Formula module)
and is the grandfather of all the Simplers/samplers and Seven Seas in NYSTHI VCV Rack experience!

the micropanel on the right is the browser for all the module available :smiley: !


you are not crazy!