Launching Rack as File|New in Windows

The default launch of Rack in Windows loads the last thing you were working on.

Is there any way I can launch Rack in Windows so that it loads my template and the default filename is ‘untitled’? I know I can launch the Template patch to get my default setup, but this is not quite the same- it is easy to have happy fingers at some point, hit Ctl-S, and overwrite your default setup with whatever you are working on at the time. This would be basically using the File|New functionality, but at the command line or a shortcut.

Is this possible?

How about a command file to copy a default setup over the working file before launching Vcvrack.

Yes, that would work. I guess I was hoping for something along the lines of

  • /rack.exe (loads work-in-progress)
  • /rack.exe -new (loads template file and forces ‘file|save as’ when saving)

I may be dreaming though

This is what I do

I right click, Send to: and select the appropriate program and version. I am still running the older version of Rack too - for reasons. I avoid using the menus within Rack due to the issues you described and several others, so I came up with this system. I never have issues opening an incorrect file or concern what I was saving. I am not aware of any command line options that can be used with rack that would/could help. I hope this can help

This still doesn’t address the problem of accidentally saving over the file that is loaded this way- one twitchy-fingered ‘ctl-s’ and your template file is overwritten. I guess I’m spoiled by the fact that most software, if you open it without referring to an existing file, opens your template and is ready to save a ‘new’ file. It’s certainly not a deal breaker, and it’s nice that Rack opens your work-in-progress if one exists, but it is easy to forget that you loaded your template and must use File|Save As to not overwrite it.