Launchcontrol xl and VCV Rack


I am trying to use Launchcontrol Xl with VCV rack v2 inside of Bitwig Studio and am getting nowhere. Tried with Ableton with the same lack of success.

When using VCV rack in standalone mode, no problems with controlling devices but not when it is used inside a DAW.

To be frank I don’t really understand what the settings should be.

The system is Win 10 - Bitwig 4.2.3 and VCV Rack v2.

When using Launchcontrol to control Bitwig’s native devices and indeed other 3rd party devices there is no problem, it only seems to a problem with VCV Rack.

If I select a couple of modules in VCV Rack as an example MIDI-CV and MIDIMap for inputs I have among other options DAW and Window MIDI, with DAW selected I have no further options, with Windows MIDI, I can select a controller and port. Neither of these options link a module or control to the LaunchControl.

So the question is am I doing or not doing something correctly, or is it that it cannot be done at all.

I am hoping that wiser heads than mine can suggest a solution. Many thanks

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not sure what your issue, try adding a MIDI CV to your rack and configure it to your launch control

Thank you for your reply.

It has a MIDI CV module in it as I mentioned, as well as a MIDI Map module. As I said it works in stand alone mode but not inside the DAW, very confusing.

Problem solved. I was trying to MIDI Map from within VCV Rack instead of doing it through the DAW. Slowly but surely I am getting to grips with this great software.

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Follow up Problem Solved.