Laptop or mini PC for Live use and do I really need a dedicated graphic card

Hey People, I need your expertise. I plan on doing some live stuff and therefore want to buy a new PC or Laptop. At home I have an all-in-one gaming PC and VCV Rack works great on my Ubuntu Studio distribution. I could take it with me, but that is not really a solution. That’s why I searched for another one and came up with 2 alternatives. The first would be a laptop like the Fujitsu Lifebook U747 with Intel i7-7600U processor with 2.8 GHz. The second would be a mini PC like the Fujitsu Esprimo Q920 with 4th generation Intel Core i5-4570T processor with 2.9 GHz. Both have only onboard graphic cards, which is not recommended for VCV Rack. My question is, does anybody have experience with similar machines, especially with not dedicated graphic cards?

I heard Apple‘s new M1 MacBooks are quite descent. The 13“ are quite affordable.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I will install Ubuntu Studio as operating system, like on my home pc

VCV runs fine on my newer laptop hanong an Intel i7 10th generation CPU with Intel-Iris-plus onboard graphics.

Rack runs very well on my 8 core System76 Gazelle, running Ubuntu 20.04LTS. It has GTX 1650 as well.