Lambdoma and Xenharmony

I’ve been working for a few weeks on a Lambdoma project to incorporate into VCV and perhaps perform along with my 30" chau gong. I started by building a .csv file to work with 02GANOL that uses a 16x16 Lambdoma matrix. This took a little while considering I had to sort out a spreadsheet formula to convert interval ratios to voltages, but I was very excited when I got that component down! So I quickly made this patch to scan through three voices of the first 8x8 quadrant of the lambdoma. Some pretty interesting harmonic results so far!

Quick note that a friend discovered recently: 02GANOL scans .csv files by skipping every other row of the matrix, so I doubled up each row.

Here is a quick video of the patch so far:


are you sure about the scanning skipping ? (please open a bug)

Well, when we did a scan with Logan20, that is what he discovered. Any thoughts on that? It’s such a crucial module for me!

open an issue to talk (on my github:


Will do - thank you!