LabSeven VCO-3340 available now!

(Highcarbschwabe) #1

The first LabSeven module, representing the VCO of a well-known 80s synthesizer (with a few extensions), is now available via the plugin manager. It comes with the standard blue and a classic gray skin. Enjoy!

P.S.: If you like it and want me to keep on creating VCV Rack modules (apart from completing the 3340 series I already have plans for some unusual but I think very useful stuff), please consider a donation. Any amount is welcome :slight_smile:


(Existentia Virae) #2

I may be showing terrible ignorance here, but I’m dying to know where the “3340” comes from.

(Highcarbschwabe) #3

It is a tribute to a VCO chip widely used in hardware synths :slight_smile:

(Existentia Virae) #4

I remember now.
Anyway, lovely oscillator. I’ve been playing with it all evening, looking for the perfect filter to pair it with.


Lindenberg Laika is always my first choice.

(David Rodriguez) #6

is it the VCO-101 or is another one?

(Phil Golden) #7


(Highcarbschwabe) #8

A filter that goes very well this VCO is based on the IR3109 which I think uses LM13700s.
That would be another module needed in order to complete the 3340 series.

(Highcarbschwabe) #9

I decided to better not call it VCO-101 any more for obvious reasons. But yes, that’s the one!

(funkブラスタ) #10

It sounds like a gnarly beast if you pair it with Lindenberg’s Valerie filter (basically the Korg 35 filter made into a module)

(Johnyapplsede) #11

I’ve been having a blast while playing with this for the last few hours. Using the noise as a modulator to the pitch generates some really cool and unpredictable glitchy sounds.


This is certainly the truth. In fact, anyone not familiar with the Lindenberg modules is doing themselves a disservice. Except…Westcoast often causes me trouble. I like the sound it makes but it often causes VCV to cut out it’s sound entirely until I reload. This makes it an unacceptable risk during streams so I don’t use it.
Also, they look cool.

(Highcarbschwabe) #13

Just used the VCO-3340 for the first time in the studio, listening with (relatively) big Adam speakers. The ‘classic’ sound is definitely there but, using the modulation and RANGE/SEL inputs, it does not take long until you end up with some really f***** up s*** :wink:

Pro tip: Use the VCO-3340 at sample rates of 96kHz or higher in order to release its full potential (modulation frequency range etc.) :slight_smile:

(Highcarbschwabe) #14

Just fixed a minor bug. Update with bug fix + tidier code + minor performance improvements coming soon!

(Hardyfinn) #15

Possible silly question - how do i access the grey skin?

EDIT - answered by own question. Obviously haven’t felt the need to be in users/xx/rack/plugins for a while…
Simply copy the LabSeven_3340_VCO.svg from the LabSeven_3340_Classic_Skins folder to the res folder above.

(Highcarbschwabe) #16

Version 0.6.2, correcting a small tuning error, is on github.