Krezie's VCV Explorations

Hi, since about a week now I’ve been noodling with VCV Rack. Quite excited about it :slight_smile:

Here’s a patch I made as an impression of the classic Alan Parsons track “Sirius”.
The patch with a short explanation is available for download on Patch Storage


very nice patch - good ping pong echo on the guitar strums!


Created another patch “Spiral” last weekend:

Download and a little explanation available at Patch Storage


Cool attempt! The opening of Sirius is such a great piece…

Great - cool patch!

I did two new patches recently. You’ll find the files and info on Patch Storage



Hope you like ‘m
Happy Rackin’ !



Nice patches, particularly like the layers & textured soundscape you have going on in Unfold :slight_smile:

Thanks Al !

Hi all!

A new patch here! – Abandoned Lab –

The idea is a sort of movie- or game soundtrack score running solely on one patch without manual performance elements. The patch is purely controlled by output of the Turing Machine, LFO movement and ‘random’ gates.

This time I made the video longer as before, but because of sound issues when recording the screen (system performance) I’ve made an accompanying video with the patch / track mixed in. So, you don’t see the actual ‘real time’ VCV performance…

Just for the fun of it :slight_smile:

A new patch “Turing Jig” !

A jig style patch where the string sound is generated with Karplus Strong Synthesis, and the ‘melody’ is generated with the Turing Machine plugin.

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