Korg SQ-1 build (drop down menu help needed please)

I’m making a reproduction of the SQ-1 but some functions are not very reproducable in VCV ( pushing 2 buttons at the same time) so I would like to use menus to set values such as voltage range for the pots. would appreciate direction to some code that uses menus so I can see how its done.

thanks !


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Bogaudio uses the module’s right-click menu to set voltage range in the Sample & Hold module for example.

MindMeld Shapemaster uses a custom dropdown menu on the panel to set voltage range.

Also on ShapeMaster the Length knob value field has a custom menu for choosing whether unsynced length shows as time/frequency/note

Both open source.

Edit - you might want to change your thread title so it’s clear you are looking for dev help with adding menus for setting values - you will probably get more help that way.

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thanks ! !

shapemaster is way too complex for me to comprehend bogaudio s&h is better, but anything simpler?

this? JW-Modules/SimpleClock.cpp at master · jeremywen/JW-Modules · GitHub

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thanks Jeremy, that was very helpful. for anyone looking at this for help in the future keep this code section in mind: - you have to change the way your widget is defined to append the context menu struct SimpleClockWidget : ModuleWidget { SimpleClockWidget(SimpleClock *module); void appendContextMenu(Menu *menu) override; };


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