Koralfx / Mixovnik - please update

It would be so nice if Mixovnik were updated to 2.0+. It’s such a good basic module, easy to use, more or less analogous to a Mackie, well thought out, used in every one of my old patches. No other mixer quite fills that sweet spot.

And having it orphaned wrecks a lot of my old patches. Pretty please?

Agreed, I would love to have Koralfx modules back.

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I was able to build KoralFX pretty easily. I could post the source or a binary (Mac only), if that helps. The license seems to permit it and the dev has been silent for quite some time (since 2018).

Your Rack patches are great and I enjoy listening to them. If this helps you make more, it’s the least I could do.

Edit: link to source and zipped Mac binary

I’ve only tested the sequencer but they all load and don’t crash the app.


the Mac binary would be great!

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Seconded! And thanks!

see edited post

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Hope this works for you! Thanks again for making good music.

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Thanks so much! Super helpful!

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A Windows version would be greatly appreciated…


Just completed migrating KoralFX to Rack V2. I’ve tested it briefly on all three platforms and as a VST on Windows and Linux. I’ve opened a PR for the developer with my updates if s/he wishes to update the repo. Prebuilt-binaries are available on the Github issue post I’ve updated. Binaries were built for Rack 2.1.0.


Thanks for this, but I think there are some linked knobs that have been renamed to…_bg.svg that are now loading only the “highlights” of the svg.

And those are “missing” in the renders :

Fixed in the PR and new test binaries are in the same issue post above bearing version 2.0.4. The SVG loader didn’t error out as those images were actually split to RoundSmallBlackKnob and RoundSmallBlackKnob_bg, so both files exist. I’ve never used this plugin so it didn’t catch my eye (and they are actually pretty interesting knobs without the crown), but it takes an experienced user to catch this - thanks.