Knobs and IO .svg builtins?

Is there a list of the built-in knobs and socket <generics> for params and lights and etc.?

i don’t think there’s a list as such but look in the Rack-SDK\include\componentlibrary.hpp file for the available port/knob/button/switch/light etc widget classes.

Ok, GreenRedLight and RoundBlackSnapKnob look useful to me so far. Today’s favourite find though was

#define M_PI_F float(M_PI)
#define M_PI_POW_2 M_PI * M_PI
#define M_PI_POW_3 M_PI_POW_2 * M_PI
#define M_PI_POW_5 M_PI_POW_3 * M_PI_POW_2
#define M_PI_POW_7 M_PI_POW_5 * M_PI_POW_2
#define M_PI_POW_9 M_PI_POW_7 * M_PI_POW_2
#define M_PI_POW_11 M_PI_POW_9 * M_PI_POW_2

static inline float tanpif(float f) {
    // These coefficients don't need to be tweaked for the audio range.
    // Include f multiplication by PI for 0->1 frequency normal %fs
    const float a = 3.333314036e-01 * M_PI_POW_3;
    const float b = 1.333923995e-01 * M_PI_POW_5;
    const float c = 5.33740603e-02 * M_PI_POW_7;
    const float d = 2.900525e-03 * M_PI_POW_9;
    const float e = 9.5168091e-03 * M_PI_POW_11;
    float f2 = f * f;
    return f * (M_PI_F + f2 * (a + f2 * (b + f2 * (c + f2 * (d + f2 * e)))));

fyi, i haven’t used greenredlight, but redgreenbluelight creates 3 light objects implicitly, so i would think greenredlight creates 2 lights for each instance of it

It does. I didn’t need the extra blue as it’s showing 2 things.