Klirr Factory modules

Hi everyone

The Krill Factory modules are also for Windows or not? Because I’ve tried to install it for the second time and it doesn’t work … (I’ve installed other modules in a different way than on the VCV site in the past, and they work for me)


You mean these ?

Make sure you extract it to the right folder, and use the right version,


F.I. These don’t work in 1.1.6.

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Yeah, they all work on Windows. Where did you download them from?

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I would be careful using these, I have experienced some pretty bad bugs with a few of them and I the developer doesn’t seem very interested in fixing them (I think he’s more or less abandoned them now).

Hagen (the dev) posted on the FB group recently. He’s getting back into it but has been dealing with family health issues for some time.

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That’s good to hear!

There’s a new module out from him btw. A new oscillator.


Great to read that he is back at it! He always used to come up with very interesting freaky modules :slight_smile:

edit: just checked my account there, seems it was added but i wasn’t notified hehe. Nice surprise present, thanks for the headsup Omri :smiley:

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Yeah, I guess that life has a tendency to get in the way of things and some people are less lucky… I’m also happy that he can still find some time for being creative. Cheers!

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What version of Rack are you using? The free mods from Kirr are for 0.6 and will not work on 1.0 and up.


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ou, sorry for the delay, somehow my mobile does not show me notifications for this application … Yes, I downloaded these modules from the original site, then I put the files into Rack / plugins-v1 … but VCV doesn’t see it :no_mouth:

Thanx for your response! … so here will be the error … I have VCV v1.1.6 … can I have another version of VCV? on Win10 …

wohohou … thanx for info!

thank you Omri for the answer and sorry that I will answer later … yes, I managed everything according to the instructions from the original KlirrFactory website, except that the VCV does not register the modules. But it will probably be because I have version 1.1.6.

… yes … my is 1.1.6 :neutral_face: … last time I wanted to change the version of the program, but a table popped up that I have to download 1.1.6 … :thinking:

Maybe download these, they are made for 1.1.6



Or is there a reason you want to use the 0.6 modules ?

I have both 0.6 and 1.1.6 installed on W10, I blocked the outgoing traffic for 0.6 so I don’t get a pop-up every time I start 0.6. This is only handy when you have A LOT OF OLD modules (0.6) saved on disk, because you can not download them any more via the PM ( AFAIK ). If this is what you want, message me.

yes … it’s a good question that if I want it that way … I like it anyway … so far I’ll try the modules that work on 1.1.6 …

So, thank you again for clarification Yeager! and happy new year! :slight_smile:

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