JW Modules XY Pad + GridSeq: Converting XY coordinate changes to arrow trigs

Howdy gang, looking for some advice. Like it says in the title, I’m trying to draw a path on the XY Pad and convert it to directions for the GridSeq. Assuming I use a two-way loop (no cross-pad jumps), my thinking is to split the X and Y outputs each across four (not sure the term:) filter stages that trigger a gate signal when the CV value crosses over. For one thing, I’m not sure the type of module functions I need to monitor plateaus from a CV signal. If the XY Pad output was audio I could use BP filters and a signal follower or something, right? (I’m using MiRack iOS, by the way) So, how would you go about building this functionality?

Me again. I got more or less exactly what I was looking for with three pairs of comparators and some mults. Next up is a different angle: I feel like I could rework this into less space with pairs of rising/falling edge trigs, deltas, and some kind of timer to calculate distance traveled, no? I’m not clear on what else I would need.