Just found VCV Rack

Had my head in the sand over-here and somehow missed the existence of VCV Rack. Hard to believe, considering all that automated algorithmic social media stuff nowadays right? You know how it is, you get accustomed to using the same music program and hardly have time to take a look around the soundscape.

Anyways, now that my excuse for jumping in late is over; figured that I should probably clarify the reason for this post! Basically wanted to reach out and say good job guys (not sarcastically either). And, maybe even give some kind of feedback that could be used for development or what-not.

Really, good job bruhs. This is the kind of program I wish we had when I was a kid you know? You folks who are putting in the work deserve a real pat on the back.

Here’s a general list of things that stand out in my mind when running VCV for the first week or so:

  • The Cost of Admission (free with paid modules = genius)
  • The Download/install (kind of janky with windows defender permission / slightly off-putting)
  • Open source / user created modules (can’t wait to get into that)
  • Deleted first patch before reading the “note” that advises to set your audio output LOL //figured the patch would return if I closed the window and opened it. however, the screen saves the empty state.
  • Enjoy browsing all the modules and testing them all / reading the documentation etc.

I could sit here all day listing off things but then you’d have to read it, so I’ll cut it here. good work guys.

One last thing… How do you hook the “room lights” up to the audio output level? ^.^


Hi and welcome tot he forum!

  • ctrl+n / cmnd+n (new document from default template).
  • Check out DanT module: “Bright Idea” , allows for lights control through CV.
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Ah, beauty thanks bud. I never utilize those keyboard commands as much as I should. I’ll have to try those out too. Good stuff.

I’ve actually gotten into the habit of ‘saving selections’ to store each sound to later select from and add to a main mix. So far haven’t done any kind of full song per-say, just the usual cool sounding patches.

Do folks also share the saved selection files somewhere? Maybe Github?

-Googling intensifies- Bright idea sounds about right… thanks Eurikon

Ahh nice. I have the power! https://library.vcvrack.com/DanTModules/BrightIdea

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patchstorage.com is used by quite a few


Saving selection is new since VCV v2, before and probably also after there is also a module from Stoermelder called: Strip (not yet available in the official v2 library).

Strip presets can be saved, loaded, and shared.

For patches and presets, most people tend to use Patchstorage:

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In order to have Bright-Idea react to the audio output, you will also need an envelope follower, something like Follow


Thanks David, i’ll check that one out. Enjoying the submarine btw ^.^ keep up the good work. Can I ask, why you decided to go with the unique blue submarine theme? would be interesting to know the history behind that stuff. Is is documented? ^.^

Thanks Dan, Oh i’ll be plugging it up to yin/yang. I love how the virtual machines dialable incorrect i/o automatically so there’s really no way you can plug stuff in wrong and blow an unprotected socket. I like how somebody has already thought to add inputs in a module so you can make the room dance haha.

bonus points for the cable tension as well

oh a new feature eh? nice, I’d say it was a good choice to add. It’ll take some time for me to become familiar with things like the current state of the program when compared to previous versions. Right now i’m still in that enjoyable fog of discovery that comes along with new instruments or software lol.

Endgame would be to possibly make some custom sequencer modules. Nothin’ too fancy just layouts of components that i’m accustomed to using or I would find more intuitive. I tend to do videos to help new users on youtube, so I imagine I’ll get into that one day.

It’s important to understand the direction a product plans to take for the long term. For example, if VCV plans to be an always online service, or adopts a subscription format or if it will remain as it is now. Still have to look into all that jazz

Can I ask, why you decided to go with the unique blue submarine theme? would be interesting to know the history behind that stuff.

The blue colour is just a signature colour that’s been associated with stuff I’ve done on the web over the years. No particular meaning to it. Submarine is the name of a domain I already owned. That simple.

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