Junky XL sales


I know it’s on a totally other level, but Tom expresses that having too much gear is not necessarily good for creativity. And that’s what I experienced because of the overwhelming amount of modules for VCV-Rack. I am also a hunter and collector, nowadays only for virtual gear and here especially VCV-Rack and as such I am very happy to have nearly 2600 modules installed, but as a musician this is too much. Ok, there is no more Wavestation or Prophet that makes me feel sad because I don’t use it today, but there is a Dexter and a Noxious which remind me, that those where two of my favourite oscillators, when I examined them in “what does this knob do?” and now I haven’t used them since Rack V1 came out, because there is nearly every week at least one new oscillator, that also cries for attention. As I said, it’s a totally different level, but I think you can compare Tom’s feelings with mine and we both hope, that we have found a solution. I am looking forward to the next Studio Time videos, because I think it’s absolutely amazing, that such an astounding artist shares his experiences with the world. I have learned a lot and I am sure, there is more to come.


It’s a bit of “Die Quahl der Wahl” and a bit of greater variety grows on poor soil rather than on rich soil.

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