JSON file error locked up/crashed my computer twice, the 2nd time rather hard. Ideas?

I downloaded a rather nice patch from Patchstorage (https://patchstorage.com/seven-sisters/) because I had heard about the Hallucigenia, by XTRTN and wanted to find an example patch to play with. I listened to it for a bit and then everything just locked up and I had to do a hard reset (push the button and wait 5 or so seconds). No Ctrl/Alt/Delete option or anything. The first time it came back like a normal restart. When I went to restart Rack I got this message: 1 Screenshot 2023-02-06 200947 json 1 And I pressed ok. Then I got this second message: 2 Screenshot 2023-02-06 201017 json 2 I clicked ok again and Rack opened empty. I opened the Seven Sisters patch again and everything seemed fine - added a bass module and tinkered with it for a while and because it was such a nice ambient generative landscape I put the recorder on and left it for a bit. I came back to my room about 1/2 an hour later and it had locked up again and required the same hard reset, but this time my computer REALLY struggled to get back to normal - it took a good 10 minutes of twirling circle dots before my regular screens came back. Any idea what might cause this and if there is a fix?

Quick edit - working early so heading to bed now but will check back in the morning.

I did ask the author of the patch f he had experiences any issues with this and he said no.

No suggestions? This one has actually screwed my computer up and I need IT support from a friend who built it for me. It takes almost 5 minutes for my computer to start and get to my normal screens now… The computer won’t go to sleep mode either. It just shuts itself off when I try and put it in sleep mode.

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This could be any number of things. Is it HDD or SSD? Do some checks like chkdsk or a RAM diagnostics. Possibly check windows with sfc /scannow. At first guess, I wouldn’t assume VCV was the cause, maybe the crashes were just a symptom of some other problem.

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This has nothing what so ever to do with VCV Rack. It has never caused anything like that. Instead you need to look for problems with your hardware and/or Operating System in general.

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I agree with this to the extent that this is “unlikely” to be related to VCV.

I’ve run into similar errors recently, but I’m developing plugins so I assumed it was some error I was causing to happen, but these errors are new so maybe there is some new bug in VCV rack causing these? I have not tracked down a consistent reproduce case yet.

That said I don’t think I got the hard lock up. Just the problem reading the file on load. Which might just be unrelated.

Thanks very much everyone for the input. I will chat with my IT bud and report back as he was dubious that Rack would have caused this as well.

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Hello and thanks for the input. It’s SSD. I will try some of your suggestions.