John Smith's music thread

Finally got OBS to record for a little bit without glitching. I guess this is where I’ll upload my things.


Smallest patch I could come up with and still have something solid.

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Nice work, keep going!

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So Jason from trowaSoft updated his cvOSCcv module to work with resolume just for me. (let me dream) Works like a charm.


We got a really glitched out voicemail at work the other day. I used it to make this song.

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I’ve given up on making music. I’m terrible at it. I’ve refined my process for manipulating video effects using VCVRack however. Music here is not me, but all of the effects on the video are modulated with vcvrack. Everything is done live, and I have never heard this set before. I just picked a breakcore set and try to make the video go with the music.

You’re not terrible, keep on clickin’ and something will click and maybe some people will like it but if you’re having fun then who cares?

Thanks for introducing me to resolume, i’ll check it out.

Well, that’s the thing. I have more fun with video. I’d love to come up with a generative patch that I could jam out with and do video at the same time that other people would listen to. I don’t think i’ll get to that point.

Don’t let the talk about generative patches get you down. They’re the easiest thing to do. If you want quick and easy random insanity I always say set up a Quantussy ring. Other than that randomly varying pitch and gates is easy. Hey, try that new module…uh…Circlefade Random. I had a fairly noisy random patch going in five minutes with that.

mmmmm Quantussy?!?!?

You’re going to have to show me that again. I forgot about it. It was you that showed me how, was it?

Yes. Yes it was. I won’t link it for fear of over promoting myself but one of my first Youtube videos was an upload of a stream i did on November 29th 2018. That is very much a Quantussy ring doing it business.

This looks very cool. I’m curious about your process. How does this work? Are Rack and Resolume talking back and forth, or is it just one way? Rack isn’t making noise right, you’re just generating CV?