JACK as a Plugin

that is really nice, but I m talking about all the jack features (specially the jack transport ), the community must make that possible

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I absolutely rely on your JACK plugin, and would happily pay to support it.

Just wanted to get that out there.




Tested and built on the official SDK.

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In your opinion, should I remove JACK support from Core and recommend users to download SkJack? Or should I keep it (and still recommend users to download SkJack)?

You should definitely keep it, many new users will be wanting to get going simply and Audio is fine for that. You shouldn’t need to use a 3rd party plugin to output to jack.


Sounds good :+1:

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+1 to keep the jack support (and perhaps improve it) in the Core


You shouldn’t, no. It wasn’t even supported outside of a patched build when I wrote this.

this topic is confused to me

I never used a patched build (I always compiled by myself) and I have jack at least from the 0.5 without building jack, I like SKjack because it is titled as "First-class JACK support for VCV Rack " which mean all the jack features (midi, transport, clock, etc) I use Skjack but today the only difference that I can see is the capability to add mayor number of input and outputs.

I dont not know when you wrote the code , but when you announced the SKjack I already have jack connections in the core and RCM audio16. (without patched)

question: when I select Jack in the core module , is that jack or what ?


When I was building 0.6 from source, I turned Jack support on for RtAudio. When I selected it I remember it only partially working with two ports in the flow graph even though Audio had four. Maybe the version I built was broken and it worked in the officials :woman_shrugging:

ahhh, I see
to make it work correctly you must open a jack I/O as dummie, for instance I open renoise with 8 imputs enabled and it is enough to connect the core audio.

yes, you are right now we can skip that step and connect the vcv rack directly.

but in other hand the ladish session can’t remember the connections (that is possible with the core audio) and we must reconnect it every time.

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you know what should be nice?

a 2HP jack connector with a couple of knobs, think about it

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attenuverters and unnamed ports?



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So is this not going to be available any more? It was very useful.

Existing functionality ought to work since I migrated it to the compatibility headers. Those should be on github under a v1 branch, but nobody has done builds and posted them. Fixing the deprecations and dealing with the paperwork will probably happen in time.

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Hello @Skrylar just to be clear, are you maintaining (and will you maintain) this plugin?

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I m not sure what it mean, the plugin will not be available via plugin manager? any news about the paperwork or the support campaign?

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v1 sent off to the plugin team