JA Modules Collection open for beta testing

22 modules in 2HP - a collection of densely compressed utilities, sequencers and experimental builds for VCV2. DOWNLOAD: https://github.com/JohannAsbjoernson/JA

  • Count - two triggerable Counters
  • Veins - 2HP clone of Bernoulli Gate (Audible Instruments)
  • Comparator - Compare a (poly) input against a voltage. Outputs Gates and Voltage Divisions.
  • Debug light - 2HP clone of Debug (computerscare)
  • Poly Tools - Poly merger, Cloner (basic, global offset, voltage spread), Poly to Poly L & R (i.e. MindMeld), Poly SUM to Mono (w. gain), Redact total Channels of a Poly Cable
  • Switch - 2:1, 2:1, 1:2, 1:2 gated switch… currently no latching mode (coming soon)
  • Morph - Crossfade between Channels of a Poly Cable (top & bottom), Crossfade between two (poly) Signals (mid).
  • N1 - Poly to Mono Sequencers / Switches. Normalled SeqSwitches which can operate independently. 3 Modes (Forwrd. Backwrd. Random). Takes a Poly Signal and Sequences their Channels. Bottom Out is a Poly of all 4 Sequencers.
  • SEQ16 - Trigger, Gate Sequencer & Voltage Switch. TRG out for each active step, adjacent steps are turned to Gates at GT out. CV in takes a Poly Signal and outputs its Channels on the respective active Steps (step 8 = channel 8)… 2 Modes: S&H (Samples CH in at CLK in) & Switch (routes original Signal out). 3 Sequencing Modes (Fw, Rw, Rd). Length knob, Reset in, End of Cycle out.
  • DivSEQ - Clock Division Trigger Sequencer. 4 Clock Divisions (1/1 to 1/32 for now, w. on/off for each), global Probability, OR & XOR output. CV input is a bit buggy still: takes trigs/clk/gt on channels 1-4 to turn divider 1-4 on/off.
  • CRG - Count Modulas Clocked Random Gates in 2HP. With channel selector, probability knobs for 8ch, Multi/Solo mode, Gate/Trig/Clock outputs.
  • Flamm - Count Modulas Burst Generator in 2HP. Internal & External CLKing, # of pulses raised to 24, pulse probability, Retrigger button (on/off), Pulses/Start of Cycle/End of Cycle Trig outs & Duration of Cycle Gate out.
  • CV Bank - Complex Voltage Storage based on Towers by unless modules.
  • SHSeq - Complex Voltage Storage based on Towers by unless modules & N1 by 23volt.
  • Mono to Poly Shift Register - takes a Mono input with a Trigger and saves the Signals to Channels of its Poly output. 16 Signals max. A built in N1 Sequencer can resequence it to Mono again. There is a lot of use for this - especially in generative music production. Seriously. Get creative.
  • DRONE - 1-8 Voice(s) with addable Drift (Strength & Speed). Basenote selector (Oct & Semi) or vOct in (CV in). Each voice has its own offset from -8 to +8 Semitones.
  • NOISE - Dust module with Low-Pass-Filter, Gain and Random Clock out (great to drive a S&H to modulate filter, gain and rate). External Clock in is working, but unsatisfying. This is basically an experimental noise or voltage generator at this point.
  • Merge / Split - Merge 16:1 & 8:1 with right-click menu to choose total channels (default [0]: auto), Split 1:16, 1:8 with LEDs reflecting the amount of active channels from the input.

DIVSeq Demo:

Flamm Demo:

Seq16 Demo (Rythm focused):

Seq16 Demo (Musically focused):

N1 Demo:

Comparator Demo:



lol, forgot the link. added now.


This looks like a great collection!

A utility module I haven’t seen anywhere that might fit into this collection: a stereo-to-poly insert. Quite often I’ll have multiple stereo signals running on a poly cable. It can be a pain to add an additional stereo pair. Something to consider for the future?


Yes! A slim line of poly mixing utilities is already on my to-do list. Maybe the insert could have 2 modes… append and replace. append would just add whatever (&wherever) you plug into it to the signal until it is full. replace would look at where you plug in additional signals and either replace existing ones or append them if that channel is still free. smt. like that?


Sounds great!

Trying them out, they work great so far! Love the compact module idea, I hate cobbling together gigantic modules that only do one thing.

Some ideas I had for other tiny modules, which may be interesting to you:

Tiny modules with singular engines from plaits, braids, rings, and clouds. Maybe 4hp for each. Tiny sequential switch. Tiny mixer. Tiny drum voices (maybe based on Mutable’s drum engines from Edges or Plaits.) Tiny tuner. Tiny filter. Tiny envelope.

LMK what you think! I’ll be sure to document and report any bugs I find, but as of now I haven’t encountered any.


This is quite a good idea to replicate modules in a narrow form factor.

BTW, Nysthi had you long beat on 2HP modules, he was the first to miniaturise things… So not entirely a new idea :wink:


Nothing wrong with more choices.

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Way to rain on parades.

not my intention, just wanted to mention there are more choices …

I retract my sanctimony.

It is clearly true that for better or for worse nysthi has been making narrow modules for years, and is quite well known for that.

And then… deafening silence

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I like them a lot, thanks for making them.

True enough, and if you need to duplicate, say, 8 or 16 identical modules, compactness is nice.

On the other hand, I find that narrow modules are often difficult to figure out, especially if there is no manual. There is no layout to speak of that aids in understanding the signal flow at a glance. I tend to ignore them altogether when I’m browsing my library. Which is sad, if I’m missing out on stuff I need.

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The graphics on what I downloaded look different from the videos. It is not clear what are I/O connections are and what are buttons; they all look basically the same. What is happening there?

Ok on insert and close test.

Hover over for info pop ups

I’m well aware of tool tips I’m talking about the basic visuals.