Issues with PEQ6 & PEQ14

I’ve been playing with the Bogaudio PEQ6 and PEQ14 today and I’m loving how they sound. I have a couple of issues and I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong. I can’t seem to get any audio from the individual channel outs unless there is a cable also patched to one of the main, odd, or even outs.

The second issue is I can’t get BW to respond to CV no matter what I do. The knob still functions but there’s no change from CV. Any clues as to what I might be missing?

Kudos to Matt for these great modules! They’re exactly what I’ve been needing.

Yep I think you are right. The first one I can live with but the second one is definitely a bug. Github time :+1:

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it’s livable, yes, but clearly the first one is a bug also.

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Thanks for the verification. Also thanks for filing a report on Github.


Hey Gang, thanks for the reports, and thanks @Yeager for filing it on github. Will get some fixes out before long.