Is using VCVLightBezelLatch the best starting point for a light button with three states / colours?


I want to have a button which the user can press to cycle through three states / values and have the button show different colours for each state / value.

I have looked at the code for VCVLIghtBezelLatch in the component library to understand how to have a latching on / off button, but I’m not clear on the best approach to add more states.

I’d be grateful if anyone could point me to examples that would help.

Many thanks!

You could use SvgSwitch instead. If you need it illuminated so it shows up with the lights out, you cold float a light over the top of it.

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Thanks. Looking at the code, it looks like VCVLightBezelLatch ultimately derives from SvgSwitch (VCVLightBezelLatch > VCVLightBezel > VCVBezel > SvgSwitch), so thanks, I’ll follow that path. :slight_smile: