Is this book worth while for a new developer

Is this book suitable for a newbie developing C++ modules in VCV Rack version 2

This book was release way before version 2

Personally I’d suggest subscribing to a few YouTube creators like Omri Cohen and VCV Rack Ideas and maybe joining their Patreons for a month or two to grab their hundreds of accompanying patches.

Hi. Whoops, I didn’t make it clear in my post so I’ll edit it now… I’m looking to develop a module in C++ code not play with patches

I just bought this book recently, even though I already have a plugin in the library. So far its an interesting read and there have been a few good bits I’ve picked up, so I would say it should be very useful to you. The things that you would need to change from V1 to V2 are really just implementation details, the book is more useful for the core concepts, you can definitely find help for V1 to V2 issue here on the community.

Cheers and thank you

There’s an accompanying code repo for the book. Take a look at that (clone it locally) and play around to get a feel of how a module is put together and what’s needed to get something basic going.

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thank you , will do

ah ok, makes more sense now :slight_smile: