Is there something wrong with module browser?

If I type in vcf in the module browser I get all kinds of stuff like samplers, oscillators, switches, mutes, sequencers, all of VCV modules. I guess there’s a fuzzy search going on? I can’t say I like it.

The sorting seems to go out of the window when using the search as well?

type ‘filter’ instead, i know… seems ackward :slight_smile:

It’s not just that though, if I search for ‘hold’ I get ML Freeverb because the description has the word ‘old’ in it, Octaswitch, Octaplus, OctaTimes for ‘fold’, and LoFiTV by az because the description is ‘mold’.

From the Rack v2 Changelog:

  • Redesign Module Browser with compact layout, adjustable zoom levels, sorting options, intelligent searching, and multiple tag selection. […]
  • Use a fuzzy search algorithm for searching modules in the Module Browser.

If you have suggestions for improvement, send an email to

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There is a bug with the sorting searches though, I’ll report it.


Always found the search wonky, returning results that have nothing to do with the search. Even gave me hits when typing nonsense phrases…

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