Is there something like airstep for vcv!? Wave sequencing...

I want something like this in VCV please. Please only post stuff that is very similar if there’s any, thank YOU!

You could morph between different waves with this :slight_smile:


Cool, I have that. But i think the airstep is like Korg Wavestate somewhat so there’s nothing that exactly looks like airstep in VCV? I also have pigments and can morph between waves but there’s still difference between morphing and sequencing waves, eventhou airstep does it in a morphing wave. I want something 96% similar to the clip above… module makers come on!

I think it would be possible to compose something like Airwave with some sequential switches.

I would take some oscillators and a gate sequencer and mabye some slew limiters

and route the oscillators to the sequential switches and the output of these to some vca and slew them a bit and … and …

imho in the modular world almost everything is possible, some things just need a bit thinking and a lot of different modules, but the result can be the same as a dedicated module.


Yeah the sequential switch idea is close!

While there does not appear to be a single module that matches the functionality of the airstep, there are several wavetable oscillators:

As @rsmus7 mentioned, combining one of these with other modules, you could definitely create a similar patch to the one from the video.


I think this :

together with a wavetable osc (see above) is all you need.


just a quick example:

2020-11-03-rsmus7_Airwave-example_001.vcv (73.9 KB)

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Nice, thanks. Listening. Yeah. The sequential switch is a good route.

And thanks for the wavetable tips, they are cool indeed.

Airsteps almost had me go the voltage modular route… but there’s just som many bundles. I checked it out cause i just brought their CA2600.