Is there anything like Audible Instruments Keyframer but

with a more straightforward, computer use oriented interface? Maybe with more than 4 CV outputs too… Or is this something I should look into implementing myself?

I think Catro has something similar and probably NYSTHI?

what’s the needed functionality ?

N knobs and outputs. The positions of the knobs could be stored into “scenes” or “keyframes” and be recalled/interpolated with buttons and a morph parameter.

What I find difficult with the Audible Instruments Keyframer is that there’s no clear feedback on what scene is currently active, where in the morph knob positions the scenes actually are etc and it’s too easy to end up adding unintended new scenes, it’s difficult to remove existing scenes etc…

Anyway, I guess I will just implement it myself.

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Seems like Catro CM-3 (PreSetSeq) ticks the boxes you mention: 8 parameters, buttons + visual feedback for each scene (incl. feedback on each parameter’s value), morph settings, etc.

OK, thanks for the suggestion, I will check it out! How it operates is not so clear from the screenshot and the description, but maybe the Youtube video will clarify…

The ‘manual’ describes it pretty well but the developer made videos about all the modules so that might be worth checking.

nysthi LOGAN20 and 02NAGOL can do KEYFRAMES for 20 params you can do full keyframing with glissato using nysthi::4hands too

OK, I need to check those out too, but I’ve found many of the Nysthi modules quite difficult to understand.

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me too !


ok the NYSTHI LOGAN20 (and LOGAN) is a LOGGER logs data to a CSV file (that you can open with EXCEL or any other editor) LOGAN20 logs 20 channels (if connected) and can log every 1, 10, 100, 1000, 10000 ticks speed or you can LOG on TRIG in (AND THIS IS WHAT YOU WANT)

File generated by LOGAN20 can be opened by 02NAGOL, that is able to replay them, at same speed, or you can modulate the SPEED, or USING CV to select a particular STEP OR you can advance using A TRIG

nysthi::4hands is a 20 value scene keyframer 10 values are direct, and 10 value have portamento (on change)

you can regor value incoming from other modules, activating the FLAG “ENABLE INs” and you ADD keyframes if you use the KF animator/stepper, you turn OFF the “ENABLE INs” and the VALUE in output will be presented and usable the SCENES are triggerable, CVAble


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