Is there any module that saves samples "with vcv preset"?

HI I was wondering if there is something out there like this?

What exactly do you want to do? Your question is hard to understand.

Many modules can save audio samples, see the Recording tag.

If you mean a sampler that loads a specific sample when you load a module preset, Lomas sampler does this.

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I’d be more interested in the idea of saving the samples used by modules inside the patch file (or something similar function-wise), kinda like Renoise does with its song files (all samples used are saved as .flacs inside the project file, which itself is like a zip-package in addition to an xml-file that contains all the data about notation and automation).

Or it could work like the Ableton Live functionality “Collect all and save”, gathering all the samples used by the modules and saving them to a directory named according to the saved patch.

Dunno if that’s what the original poster was meaning, just popped into my mind from their post.

EDIT: Seems like Andrew is planning this sorta feature to v2! Rack development blog

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Yes thats what I meant the samples used in a project save with it. But I like the other idea of Lomas sampler too.

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yes i would also like samples to be stored in the vcv file, rather than just saving a path. it should be doable to implement a module to save sample data in a json, right?

It’s not “difficult”, but the resulting files will be enormous, and time consuming to load and save. I don’t see this being a super popular feature. but we will see…

Actually I’m working on that for my module TapeRecoder.

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