Is there a specific place to search/browse all Rack2 modules?

I noticed on that you can’t filter by modules that are available on Rack2. This seems like a very important feature, given that most of the library is unavailable to early adopters at this time.

Also, i noticed that the “Updated” column on the right isn’t updating in this page. VCV Library - Plugins


On this page: VCV Library - Plugins

The right-hand column, the version number, needs to be 2.something to support Rack v2. But yeah, could be handy with a filter.

I thought that just meant version of the plugin/module. i didn’t realise that it was supposed the version of rack its supposed to use.

I know, but Andrew has coupled the two together, so developers are asked to have the major release version of their plugin (2.x) match the major release version of Rack that it matches with (2.x). I don’t know if there’s anything technical verifying this, don’t think so, but I imagine it’s part of the plugin review by the library team.