is there a rack2 library?

when i click browse library I’m taken to a web page but none of the modules that i have previously or now select or ADD appear in rack2… this looks like the rack1 library to be honest. is there a rack2 library?

Are you logged in within Rack 2?

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yes im in rack2 and logged in and hitting the library button inside rack2… looks like rack1 library though when I get to the webpage… it shows all the modules I’ve added in rack1 in the webpage…

That’s what you see for Rack 2 as well. All the past subscriptions are still active.

so why dont they load into rack2?

If you are logged in, clicking the Library menu option will cause Rack to check for available updates. The third menu option under Library changes to “Querying for updates…” for a time while it checks. Does that happen?