Is there a quantizer with a normalized root output out there?

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some modules have a CV-Input which does some switching magic when there is a 1V/Oct Signal connected which starts at C4 (0V). @stoermelder 's 8Face for example can be set to “C4” in the option menu and every halftone up from there will switch to the next preset. If I would like to switch something based on the root note currently played I have to normalize this root to C4. Is there a module which can translate any played C to a C4, any D to a D4 and so on?

In addition some modules (some quantizers for example) take a 0-10V Signal to switch the root of the quantized scale. So this would be another step after normalizing to C4 - take that voltage and multiply it by 10/(11/12).

I put together a working strip using Formula, but it seems to be a little bit overkill…

Normalized Root.vcvss (10.2 KB)

Thanks for suggestions!

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Use Fence: put your signal into both the step input and the CV input, set the range you want (default is c4 to b4), and the CV output will be the same note in the octave you want…

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 10.18.14 PM

Then you can use ReScale

Screen Shot 2021-04-08 at 10.46.19 PM


Thank you! I’ll try that immediately and report back. Edit: It works.

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nysthi:scala can let you write or CV the ROOT for the scale

Hm, I looked at Scala and now I am unsure if your posting was a solution to my problem or a recommendation for a quantizer which can be used with my patch? I don’t know scala-files, is there a way to quantize to a limited range with them?

I think you were requesting a quantizer able to move the root of the quantizer
of course SCALA is a general device, you need the correct scale to be loaded

I think the fastest solution will be to use FENCE ! :muscle:

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