Is there a polyphonic router

I wanted to take a polyphonic pitch signal, route it it into more than one Quantizer module, and then flip between them.

The obvious choice would be the VCV Router, but it doesn’t handle polyphonic inputs.

Seems like an easy one to implement. Has anyone done it and I missed it?

  • If you’re just looking to switch between poly signal A and poly signal B, I believe the Fundamental Sequential Switch modules are polyphonic
  • For more advanced polyphonic routing, you can use Computerscare Father & Son : here is an example of using it to switch between 2 polyphonic signals:
  • Computerscare Roly Pouter can re-route the channels of a polyphonic signal, but that doesn’t sound like exactly what you want to do.
  • Computerscare Boly Puttons has 2 poly input jacks, and 16 toggle buttons to switch between them on a channel-by-channel basis.
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Bogaudio and ML have polyphonic switches.