Is there a meter module with a dBfs scale?

I’m particularly interested in a PPM that can work with VCV “REC”, such that I can predict when a recording is going to end up with a peak of, say, 0 dBfs, meaning “0 dB with reference to full scale”, above which it would be clipping.

The green/yellow/red dots on REC aren’t all that precise, and I find that I have to crank it up by something like 6 dB or so hotter than the default setting to get it near 0 dBfs, even if the audio maxes out a typical PPM.

I have been meaning to give the Kilpatrick Audio collection some time, I notice the meters are peak holding and have more resolution than those led lights. Not sure of its accuracy, but they look nice and seem like a possibility for you. I’ll check tomorrow when I get some synth time.

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I’ve not seen those before. That looks promising.

The manual for Stereo Meter says (in part):

The Stereo Meter is a useful tool especially for development. I often want to test signals and read out exact dB values. The module is a peak reading meter with 0.0dBFS normalized to 10Vpk. (20Vpp) There is a two-pole high-pass filter set at 10Hz to strip out DC which can ruin the measurement of small signals.