Is that CPU usage normal?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here and need some help. Recently, I download VCV in a new Macbook Pro 2018 and when I opened the first time with the init patch I had some problems with the cpu usage. Here’s a screenshoot of the CPU meters.

I was using all of diferent block size mesures and the sound has bleeps and was intermitent… Any sugestion?


Hi Arturo.
As it has been said here :

Your Cpu has 76 % left , which is totally fine.
As for the sound, try to follow the advice from that thread, let me know if it helps


The CPU metter on the Audio module should be green


good idea.

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I think there is a Git issue opened about this, i will try to find the link for you later today

Edit : found it already


Thank you a lot! And I also think the meter bar shoud be green hahahaha