Is MIDI file import broken?

I am so new to Rack, and am trying to play MIDI files which I’ve made before in Rack, but I just can’t get it to play them. I tried modules which are supposed to be possible to import MIDI files, finding none of them work. (To be specific, I tried MIDI player by Wrong People, Seq++ by Squinky Labs, and MidiPlayer by STS.) I’m sorry that I can’t figure what is wrong out by myself. What did I mess up? Can you play your files in the current version of Rack?

Oh and also I can’t export MIDI files as well…

MIDI file import and export seems to work OK for me in my Seq++. Perhaps you could provide more information? 1) could you provide an example patch, perhaps a screen shot to show the patch that isn’t playing? 2) Do the notes of the MIDI file show visually appear the note grid? 3) when you say export doesn’t work either, could you describe in more details what “doesn’t work” means? Is a .mid file created? If so, what seems to be wrong with it. fwiw, the MIDI file feature has been in Seq++ for a very long time, and I haven’t heard any reports before about it not working.

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hello @musicalomikuron and welcome

you can not import midi files directly in the rack (as you do in other DAWs), and certainly not dragging and drop, you should use modules (squinky lab )

I think there is any module capable to write MIDI (as MIDI files) perhaps the seq++ too?

depending of your pipeline you could write MIDI in an external sequencer (seq24 for instance )

Yes, I added MIDI file load and save to Seq++ in Oct. of 2020.

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Uh, strangely, it works now. And other plugins started working as well. I hate it when problems just resolve suddenly for no reason.

I’ll answer your question anyways…

  1. They were not seen in the grid then.

  2. When I clicked the button then, the Rack crashed. It left a log which contained some sort of exception, but unfortunately I forgot to save it and it is now gone. I’m sorry, sir.

If I encounter the same problem again, I want to call you again. Thank you so much for your care, Mr.Squinky. :smile: I will answer your questions if you want to ask more here.

haha - these things happen. Glad it’s working out. I’m always around here, so if you have any problems you know where to find me.