Is libsndfile an acceptable dependency for inclusion in the VCV library?

I’ve been using dr_wav for dealing with audio files, but it isn’t quite working out for me as I’d like.

I would really prefer to use something like libsndfile instead. Is it OK to have that as a dependency for plugins to be included in the VCV plugins library? Anybody done that before? Anything special to consider?

I use dr_wav for the Radio Music and it works pretty well I found.

Anyway, you must pay attention to a few things:

  1. You have to build the library from source as part of the module build. Building from a git submodule is fine or download a tarball during the build process. The target for building dependencies is make dep. See the v1 version of Fundamental, which built libsamplerate (v2 doesn’t seem to need that anymore).

  2. You must use static linking for the library with your plugin.

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