Is it possible to use 'sound from deceive' from audio 8 in DAW?

Is it possible to use ‘sound from deceive’ from audio 8 in DAW? If possible, how to setting? It’s a little confused.

“Sound from device” means audio sent from the DAW to the VCV Rack plugin. You need to be able to set up your DAW to be able to send to the VCV plugin on a certain audio channel, that would then correspond to the audio port marked as sound “from device” you could then send to be processed in VCV Rack e.g. to Plateau reverb.

The exact way you’d set it up is specific to your DAW.

I think you’re using Ableton Live so by way of example if you were sending audio from a track in the DAW that you wanted to pick up in Audio-8 “from device” output 3 then you would set the Ableton Audio To first box to the track containing VCV Rack and the box below it to “3-VCV Rack”. In your screenshot that would be the audio coming out of the blue lead into the ‘in’ of the VCV Delay module.

Please see below:

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