Is anyone (intentionally) making plugins that don't run in VST?

I just checked that my Ableton project for testing Meander still works fine and loads my current Meander version in the VST. So, testing whether Meander works under the VST should be a no-brainer from this point forward, since I know it is expected of me.

I received long time ago the key for a full version
Don’t know if including the VST part
When I decided to start the port, all the links I received were expired or unreachable

so I’ve ported blind mode and don’t know the results in a VST world

more I don’t use any software using VST so I don’t have any knowledge of the field

I don’t plan to buy ableton “che mi fa cacare a spruzzo”, and someone is alerting me of a crash using “sussudio”
but the users don’t know either how to capture a crash log

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This all reminds me of “Catch 22” :rofl:

Reaper hosts VSTs and has a free 60 day demo and you can even carry on using it past that time (it just prods you to buy but keeps working).

You can download Rack Pro from here (you need to be logged in and have a Pro license)

I was suggesting to not stress about the VST when you were updating as I was aware that everyone was in the same boat and that as long as you followed the upgrade guidelines, your plugin should work in the VST. This is not an issue to stress about. The build process takes time. If there is a problem @cschol will contact you for a fix. If there’s not a problem, it will be released once cschol has done all he needs to do. We do appreciate your effort in producing your modules.

probably doesn’t apply to me, as the web site is asking for $149 and I have no code to insert

Are you looking here? it says you can download and evaluate free for 60 days:

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I understand now. After doing systems development professionally for coming up on 40 years, one of my worst nightmares is releasing code that has bugs to the end user. In one of my past careers, doing such could cost the company $1million per day. So, I go into an around the clock effort to fix any such identified bug.

My issue was and is that I could get no feedback from VCV for my most current version. I submitted this build request 17 days ago and I do not know any details as to what the hold up has been. I asked for details multiple times.

I don’t intend to say any more about this. I suggest that the title of this thread be changed to something that clearly indicates that the discussion is about whether all plugins must be tested and work under the VST. I’m sure I am not the only one for which this came as a surprise.

Thanks for responding.

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I was talking about the “VCV PRO 2 edition” :wink:

Antonio, if you didn’t receive a license for Rack Pro then that was an error and an email to VCV Support should fix it.

Rack development blog - #73 by Vortico says:

Developers with a plugin published on the VCV Library should have received an email directed to their plugin’s contact address containing a free license for VCV Rack Studio Edition. If you did not receive this email, contact VCV Support stating your plugin name(s) and VCV account email."

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You can test with FL Studio Demo, which is free to use for testing purposes for unlimited time.

Edit: oops, mistook what you were referencing.