Interzone - An introduction

(Valley) #1

@Eurikon has made this really nice introduction video for my new module, Interzone.

(Latif) #2

Love your new modules Dale!
Glad to see they’re live at the plugin manager :slight_smile:


i liked the video but i think i’d be more interested in a tutorial on the glitchy drums. It’s something i feel i do badly.
edit: i mean, I love the Interzone as well.


I guess the Gate-Seq-64 in random mode is a pretty strong way to go? I’ve just done a patch with it and it sounded okay to me.

(Adi Quinn) #5

Well that sounded amazing

(Browneditor) #6


(Stephan) #7


(Skrylar) #9

It amuses me how Rack synthesizers are following the real world here (first independent modules, then semi and fixed fused together machines.)

Sounds like a great module though :+1:


Impromptu have had a semi modular for a while now.

(Skrylar) #11

Yes, and the Iliad/Odyssey pairing. I’m sure the fixed pipeline synths are going to become more relevant with users of heavy polyphony just as they did in the real world.