After a long time away from VCV (failed attempts to get research fellowships), I finally got to play again. I continued trying to implement ideas shared by Steevio and Mylarmelodies in their youtube videos. I am finally close to something that kind of works for me. I called it ‘interpretations’ because it is an interpretation of mylarmelodies interpretation of Steevio’s setup. :slight_smile:

I tried to do some improv in the video linked below. That is not something I have tried very often, so obviously that is not very strong yet:

I use Entropia for most of the pitch information (I actually hardly do make use of its powers in this patch), although I also transpose the pitch a bit with a knob on my midi controller (Novation Launch Control XL). The same pitch information goes to all voices, but they are gated with euclidean sequencers and sequential switches that take their clocks and trigger patterns from the same euclidean sequencers. I control the euclidean patterns with a few knobs on my controller. The bassline is not gated at all.

I have knobs linked to the filter cutoffs, filter resonance, filter envelopes, and filter/amplitude envelope decays on my controller for the two main voices in the patch (so 8 knobs in total).

The output of the mixer goes through a compressor that has sidechain input from Knock. The bassline and the noise sweep are also sidechained before they reach the mixer.

Hope you like it!


Nice beats Wouter

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