Insert selections to the exact position in the rack where you want them to be

Usually selections are inserted to the point in the rack where they are saved from. In a larger patch you may have to zoom out and look for the inserted selection and then move it to the place you want it to be.

Now you can insert selections to the exact position in the rack where you want them to be in the first place.

How to do this:

All Ahornberg modules provide a new menu entry in the context menu, called Import selections. The submenu User selections points to the selections folder under the Rack2 folder and gives you access to all selections you have stored here, including subfolders.

By choosing a selection, it will be inserted just right next to the Ahornberg module you used.

Have fun with selections!


That’s a handy work around. I hope it can be fixed in the future though so it works in a bit more of a predictable manner.

Yeah, it should work like the placement algorithm when clicking on a module in the browser, preferbly.

The problem is, you are inserting from the menu bar, not from the module browser. Drag’n’drop doesn’t work here.

You’re right. Last mouse position in the Rack can’t be used for placement when using a menu. I guess the import-selection thing should be a global context menu item on the Rack itself instead. Maybe placed on shift-right-click instead, for instance.

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Thank you so much for this work around. I love selections, but the insert placement has been a minor, but constant irritation. I look forward to trying out your workaround as soon as I get off of work.

I like it! Hopefully something like this makes it into a Rack release soon.