Insane Voyage to Center Of Universe - Ambient patch no#8

Hello Fellowship of the Rack.

Today I invite you to a crazy trip to the center of the Universe. Recently, I have such a ride on ambient atmosphere in my tracks. As always, there will always be some new modules to test. This is the second patch in which I use JiraJiraEcho from Nysthi. This time I split the patch into two parts, the first slower - the beginning of the trip and the drift to get the right speed in the second part. And here is the “impossible drive”. I must point out that Entropia (Geodecis) engines are responsible for both parts, only in the second part the Gods Vult boosters (Nurage and Knock) are responsible for the high level of “impossibilities” (and new fuel from Edge “WTF” WCO_Osc). In that case, I invite you to a hard ride.

Insane Voyage to Center Of Universe.vcv (71.9 KB)


Really nice! Hey what is this VVCO guy on the right?

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Edge modules, by Barit Nicolas

Should be in the plugin manager in a few days from the looks of it, but if you want a build Pyer, just let me know and I’ll send one :slight_smile:


Thank you Marc I forgot to post informations about source of this module. BTW it’s realy usefull to getting some unexpexted modulations in patches - I have lots of fun with this little monster :smiley: