Infinite range knobs

Has anyone implemented any knobs with infinite range?

I set up some parameters with a range from -INFINITE to +INFINITE, but when I do that, the values don’t get saved with the patch, neither double-click, nor the right-click initialize option actually work.

If i change the range specified in the configParam call, then everything works, but I was under the impression that params were supposed to support INFINITE range, the knob widgets have special case code to support it.


I can see in the code that unbounded parameters are not saved, nor does reset work.

That seems really odd, especially since the right-click menu still shows the initialize option, and with the double-click shortcut specified. (I might raise that one as a bug)

I use a lot of those infinite knobs in my modules, and you can check the SEQ knob in PhraseSeq16 for an example. I don’t have all the arguments for discussion fresh in my head at the moment, but there were reasons why it was done like that (no save nor right-click init). You can probably find more discussions on this in Rack’s github issues.

Here are some links on this:

Thanks. That fills in some of the blanks.