Infamedavid graphic parts

hello guys , I has bee working in some graphic components to release them for free ( and with an open license).

I open this thread to publish this and the upcoming collection

I hope it could be useful for someone, C&C are welcome


Loving the design on that - nice work!


Looking great! Only one minor comment: the true and false states of the push button might look too similar, there will perhaps be confusion as to the current state.
EDIT: forget my comment, just realized that for a push button that has only one stable state, that will be perfect; if ever it has two stable states, only then would there be possible confusion as to which state it’s in.

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That is a great looking panel, nice job!

The only quarrel I have is the bottom screw positions. I know they’re just placeholders, as you add these along with the knobs, buttons and sliders into rack when coding, it would not be a big issue to fix after the fact but could take up a little time doing so if there is a few things in the wrong place. Their coordinates are better to be matched to racks so you can copy them over to the code.

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I suddenly want a Boiled Milk module! :sunglasses:


very cool!

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thanks , actually I m not include any size of panels in the repo, it is just image like a demo (I just trow the screws close to the edge) do you think should I include some panels?

If the goal is to get a developer to use the components and panel I would anyway, it would be better to have a working demo.svg rather than a jigsaw of parts and the picture on the box. Usually if I was making a panel from scratch myself I would use layers in the panel.svg as placeholders. The only thing visible for the VCVRack panel should be decorations (logo, markers, text/labels, coloured box’s etc) and the panel colour itself. Everything else is just there for coordinates.

You could import the actual knobs sliders, slider handles, buttons, ports and screws for demo purposes. A basic shape i.e. square is all a developer would need for coordinates, which are taken form (0, 0) top left corner of the shape. If everything is in their layers, hiding those layers in the actual panel for VCV would be easy and because they are basic shapes the size of the panel on the server is at its smallest. If the actual components are in the layers you double up on disk space of the total size of the components on the server. But these are optimisations that a developer might make which could make it even more appealing to use the repo.

All panels for a plugin would be in the plugin/res folder then there might be res/components folder for the knobs etc. The way you have them in the folders is fine and is very organised. If a developer wants to use the repo, it would probably be good to have a folder available at such time: panels res/demopanel.svg with actual knobs etc, res/components/subfolders, and res/panel.svg for basic shapes (the one intended to be uploaded for the plugin manager) just my opinion though.

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Looking great! And yes , i want a boiled milk module too :joy::+1:t3:

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sounds reasonable, I’m going to upload some panels imitating some modules of the fundamental

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Looks great David!

Hi David,
Great looking components, and I look forward to using them.
Could you please add usage instructions to your readme?

Wonder what the best way to distribute code to use these would be. Should I just extract them from code that I have and send a PR upstream?

I will add to the readme , I asked to @modlfo and he showed me the
SynthTechAlco as reference of the usage.

I n the case of this components is the top layer that rotate