InductiveOne's Random Sound

Made some mechanical sounding patches for some things I’m working on. I use this type of patch by randomly making sounds while recording, then going back and cutting out the cool bits.

InductiveOne_Mechanical_001.vcv (32.8 KB)
001 : Lorenz sounds pretty alien. Lighter dronescape. Does some interesting things if you let it go for a few minutes.

InductiveOne_Mechanical_002.vcv (47.3 KB)
002 : Takes a few seconds for the BB-120 buckets to fill. Mechanical drone, no interaction.

InductiveOne_Mechanical_003.vcv (24.4 KB)
003 : Hit the MANUAL button on the Burst Generator to roll the dice. Makes some crinkly drones, anyone remember popoids?

InductiveOne_Mechanical_004.vcv (54.3 KB)
004 : Hit MANUAL to roll, the SURVEILLANCE will shift pitch. Makes some good spaceship engine room sounds.

InductiveOne_Mechanical_005.vcv (65.2 KB)
005 : Another MANUAL/SURVEILLANCE combo. A further variation of 004, makes some interesting sounds with lots of movement.

InductiveOne_Mechanical_005b.vcv (105.8 KB)
005b : This is another variation of 004/005, but there is also a percussive section. CLOCKED in the bottom left corner starts the percussion. The MANUAL button on the Burst Generator will randomize, and reset the drum pattern. Drums are just a pair TRUMMOR 2’s. The QAR’s first track controls the kick and snare. Each trig flips the SS-1 switch to send 10v from a CONSTADDMULT back and forth between the two TRUMMOR 2 gates. Hat is just a uENV fed with gauss noise and triggered by the second QAR track. With some random swing you end up with some pretty interesting rhythms.

Hi. The audio file is not available on Android. I’d love to hear this. Can you check it is ok in your browser?